Africado Ltd. is an agricultural company that was established in 2007 and grows and exports avocados. It is based in Northern Tanzania and specializes in the Hass variety. The farm is situated at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, where the fruit is grown on the deep, well drained, red volcanic soil common in the area. The soils and the climate found at Kilimanjaro are ideal for avocado production. The company plans to grow other varieties of avocado and to diversify to other crops, e.g. Blueberries (that is on trial now) and Macadamia Nuts.


Africado Ltd. has directly and indirectly created employment for the local communities. It has provided a cash crop that is an alternative to coffee, the traditional crop found in the region, which gives poor returns and has declined due to global price fluctuations. The pilot program for planting avocados with smallholder farmers was done in 2010. Initially, this program was not well received by the local people, as they were familiar with local low quality seedling avocados. Villagers considered avocado as a low value crop without a decent market and regarded it as a worthless fruit that was fed to their pigs.
In establishing a nucleus farm at Kifufu Estate, Africado Ltd. has introduced modern irrigation systems and water harvesting techniques and given small scale farmers in the neighboring villages the opportunity to grow a new export crop. Africado has a catchment area of a 200 km radius, spread in 9 districts of Northern Tanzania, where over 2000 small-scale farmers grow and supply avocado for Africado Ltd.. Africado Ltd. provides training, export markets and an opportunity for a reliable source of income for farmers growing avocado.

Watch a video of Mr. Festus Nkuru explaining how Africado tackled the challenges of growing avocadoes in Tanzania and winning a G.A.P. Award 2016.


Read more and watch a video about the project here. 

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Photo: Africado Ltd.