UPL Reimagining Sustainability Through Agriculture

When we set out on a mission to reimagine sustainability for food systems and farmers, we knew we could not do it alone. Our OpenAg purpose places collaboration at the heart of progress, enshrining meaningful partnerships at the core of our work in the global agricultural industry. We are extremely proud to have partnered with the GLOBALG.A.P. and to play a role in making a reality of its vision to balance the safe and sustainable production of food with the safeguarding of the environment and the welfare of farming communities.

This is a vision that we share and why we are excited to join this initiative. We believe plant health is planet health, taking care of the health of crops from the seed to the table, and ensuring that growers have access to the tools they need to achieve this.

UPL’s commitment to GLOBALG.A.P begins with our heartfelt aspiration to reshape the role of agriculture into a tool in the climate fight. Achieving this achieves the full environmental and development potential of agriculture, while supporting the vibrancy and health of communities, farms, and farmers. This starts with rethinking our relationship with Planet Earth and ensuring we live in balance and harmony with the natural world. At UPL, this aspiration has led our work in recent decades as we have learned from, borrowed, and adapted some of nature’s most powerful natural processes into new biological technologies for plant and planet health. We believe that with the right balance of inputs, agriculture and our entire food production system can reduce the impact of climate change, while ensuring that the world’s booming population is fed nutritiously.

If this is the legacy we pass on to future generations, then it is a legacy we can be proud of. But to make it a reality we must find ways to ensure that the way we produce food is aligned with the needs of the environment. At UPL, we are reimagining sustainability and developing how agriculture can contribute to improving our planet's health, from the bottom up. It all begins with the grower, the soil, and the seeds in ensuring that our food is good for the planet.

Achieving new results relies on implementing novel approaches, and at UPL we are committed to ensuring that farmers have access to the best treatments that grow the best produce. That’s why our OpenAg Farm in Brazil brings together farmers on a 25,000 hectare area to discover, trial and develop new solutions for growers. These solutions are highly tailored towards growers specific pain points, whilst improving plant health and overall sustainability outcomes.

The ProNutiva integrated crop health solutions are designed to meet the needs of today’s growers, moving beyond conventional crop protection to create a new hybrid model. UPL’s ProNutiva programme integrates Natural Plant Protection (NPP) biosolutions with traditional crop protection products to meet – and exceed – the needs of today’s growers.

For growers, our ProNutiva solutions allow for more affordable and higher quality produce, increased returns with increased plant and soil health preservation. A combination of biosolutions and crop protection products ensures that growers do not have to sacrifice profit for the environment, but rather, that they work together. A farmer is only as rich as his soil, and soil health is placed at the forefront of ProNutiva ensuring better abiotic resistance and higher yields.

GLOBALG.A.P. ensures that consumers can access affordable and higher quality food, with increased traceability over the origin and inputs of the food. Heightened checks and balances allow producers to improve their quality and gain preference in commercial relationships that are prioritising the quality of produce and the environment. GLOBALG.A.P ensures that at all levels of the food production system are aligned to protect the environment.

Working together, UPL’s ProNutiva and GLOBALG.A.P can protect the producer from increasing climate volatility, increased operational costs while creating new external markets for produce. Our ProNutiva programme gives growers the widest choice of options for their farms, while the planet remains protected, and our crops are able to unleash their genetic potential.

Good agricultural practices are no longer optional, but a necessity to ensure that our food system can be resilient in the short term and prosper in the long term. With the correct protections and planning, increased volatility can be mitigated and – if embraced – can even represent an opportunity for resetting the global food system. Achieving this requires a symbiotic approach to agriculture and plant health, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this new sustainable development agenda.



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