Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Batia Euroconte, a Brazilian fruit and vegetables exporter founded in 1976, is in the middle of its ginger season (from June to December). Brazilian ginger is well known for its strong flavour and size, and this year’s harvest looks promising

Denise Braga, Director of Batia Euroconte, acknowledged the value of the company’s GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate: “When we think of agriculture, we think of sustainability. In this century’s agriculture there is no longer room for practices that don’t ensure food safety, protect human health, both that of consumers as well as workers, and also protect the environment. Being GLOBALG.A.P. certified ensures that our clients receive not only a product with high quality standards, but also from sustainable production. This year our company celebrates its 40th anniversary, and being GLOBALG.A.P. certified has helped to ensure the reputation of our brand, built over 40 years, and strengthened the business relationship with our clients.”

Most of the company’s ginger remains within Brazil’s borders, as Brazilians and especially Asian immigrants appreciate its distinctive flavour. Although China is still dominating the market with high volumes and low prices, Brazil can compete with respect to quality and size. Being the only GLOBALG.A.P. certified ginger supplier in Brazil, they export to Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as to the U.S.

Ginger is an herbaceous perennial plant that grows annual stems about 1 m in height and bears narrow green leaves and yellow flowers. It is indigenous to Southern China and eventually spread around the globe. Ginger thrives well in warm and humid climates.

In 2013, with a global production of 2.1 million tons of ginger, India accounted for 33% of worldwide production, followed by China (19%). (Wikipedia).


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 Photos: Batia Euroconte