GLOBALG.A.P.  now has six new Farm Assurers from Bayer AG. We gladly welcome Beatriz Arrieta from Colombia, Jianping An from China, Juan Carlos González from Guatemala, Arturo Ledesma from Mexico, and Camilo Osorio and José Fabio Morera from Costa Rica to our Farm Assurers Network.

Bayer AG and GLOBALG.A.P. have been collaborating for several years to create awareness of the importance of sustainable solutions in agriculture, ensure the promotion and implementation of good agricultural practices for food security, and help smallholders to achieve certification.

As part of this collaboration, Bayer is promoting the GLOBALG.A.P. scheme as a reference for sustainable agriculture in several of its projects. For this purpose, Bayer has begun certifying its employees as Farm Assurers so they become internal GLOBALG.A.P. experts.

Through personalized training and advice from the internal Farm Assurers, Bayer will be able to guarantee that good agricultural practices are correctly implemented. Bayer employees can be presented as experts to guide their partners through the certification process of their farmers.

The presence of Farm Assurers at Bayer is not only a guarantee of correct implementation of good agricultural practices, but also an opportunity to spread and advocate the standard to Bayer’s network of partners.

More Bayer employees will be certified in the following months. We are looking forward to welcoming them to our expert network!