In 2015 Goshogawara Agricultural and Forestry High School became the first school in Japan to receive GLOBALG.A.P. certification for its apple orchard. Its principal, Akira Yamaguchi, has recognized the three main issues currently facing Japanese agriculture: the ageing population (which is particularly visible in agriculture), the shortage of successors in the agriculture sector, and the decreasing Japanese population.

In a video Mr. Yamaguchi explains how GLOBALG.A.P. can play a vital part in education to combat these three issues. GLOBALG.A.P. provides not only knowledge on good agricultural practices, but also has a positive effect on young students’ careers, who now more often wish to pursue a career in the agri-business. Furthermore, through students’ willingness to learn more about GLOBALG.A.P., the school contributes towards the creation of a robust agricultural system.

In addition to Goshogawara Agricultural and Forestry High School as well as Shihoro High School, the following high schools have also been certified: Iwamizawa Agricultural High School, Kyoto Kizu High School, Kyoto Nougei High School, and Tochigi Agricultural College. Furthermore, Niigata Agricultural College and Ehime Minamiuwa Agricultural High School will soon be audited too.

As an educational tool, GLOBALG.A.P. supports conveying the philosophy of good agricultural practices, instructs students to carry out risk evaluation and establish mitigation plans, and supports independent thinking in this complex field. Furthermore, it fosters a feeling of pride in students and supports them in developing a career in the industry or related industries, while at the same time attracting even more young students from junior high school. More information in this video.

As GLOBALG.A.P. has been recognized as the Best Practice Standard for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020, the interest in obtaining GLOBALG.A.P. certification is growing in Japan.

Photo: Goshogawara Agricultural and Forestry High School’s contribution to the GLOBALG.A.P. Around the World Photo Campaign.

Goshogawara Agricultural and Forestry High School: GGN 4056186440631