The EU Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH) endorsed guidelines to define a MRL value for Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) and Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride (DDAC) in or on food and feed (see GLOBALG.A.P. release on Ammonium Salts Residues Part IV: 02/08/2012).

The SCoFCAH approved now the proposal for new MRLs based on the recommendations of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority): MRLs for BAC and DDAC for all products are increased from 0.01 mg/kg to 0.1 mg/kg. These values will be reviewed in 2019.

According to the current applicable guidelines the value of 0.5 mg/kg is still valid. The member states agreed that the transition period will be 9 months after the new regulation will come into force. The official publication is assumed to be this September or October.