Following the first inspections carried out according to the GLOBALG.A.P. Remote procedure, GLOBALG.A.P. caught up with a certification body and a producer to find out how the procedure was received on the ground.  

The certification body experience

As told by the Scheme Manager at QMSCERT, Greece:

“The GLOBALG.A.P. Remote procedure carried out by our CB proved to be an essential and effective audit tool in overcoming the barriers that the COVID-19 pandemic caused in the auditing industry.  

It goes without saying that the suggested auditing methodology of documentation review, along with the virtual meetings via web tools, cameras, snap shots, videos, live streaming, and real time techniques contributed to the success of the process under these circumstances.  

In the case of our clients, GLOBALG.A.P. Remote provided us with the solution that we needed to be able to audit producers in other countries, who – due to their trading agreements – requested an audit at short notice. These clients were able to get certified on time and in a cost-effective way, therefore avoiding delays in the supply chain due to COVID-19 restrictions.   

The process itself was quite efficient. We allocated experienced field auditors for the remote inspections, and their experience and tenacity resulted in a very comprehensive and realistic result that led to a safe conclusion regarding the audit outcome.  

Limitations were noted, for example the fact that the web auditing view offers a narrower view of the field, the installations, and other infrastructure. This meant that we had to spend longer verifying certain crucial control points than on a traditional on-site audit.

We are confident that the remote auditing process according to the GLOBALG.A.P. Remote procedure is very effective, and we recommend that it be used in such extraordinary cases.”

Serafeim Papadimitriou, Scheme Manager, QMSCERT Audits Inspections Certification Ltd (Q-CERT Ltd)  

The producer experience

As told by the General Manager of FRUKTALINA OOD, Bulgaria:

“We are very happy that GLOBALG.A.P. (as the scheme owner) and our certification body QMSCERT gave us the opportunity to perform remote inspections. It was crucial for our business success, as we were able to complete our due surveillance inspections and also include a GRASP assessment, which was a mandatory request from our customer. Without this option, we risked not being able to comply with our client’s expectations – something we could not accept. Thank you very much for your focus on protecting the business of your certified producers.”

Zlatan Zlatanov, General Manager, FRUKTALINA OOD (producer group near Kavarna, GLOBALG.A.P. certified and GRASP-assessed.) The producer group underwent a routine surveillance inspection.

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