The GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR stop Japan with 100 delegates was organized by Agri Incubator K.K. & GAP Extension Organization Inc. and took place on 23 May 2017 in Nagoya City. GLOBALG.A.P. was honored to be handed the opportunity of giving lectures to major players in agribusiness who gathered at the AG/SUM, the Agritech SUMMIT, from 23 to 25 May in Tokyo, Japan.

All agricultural high schools in Japan are now encouraged to obtain a certification for Good Agricultural Practices. The issue is still being advocated further, as was clearly seen in a discussion with Shinjiro Koizumi, Member of the House of Representatives, Japan, on promoting GAP certification, including GLOBALG.A.P., for suppliers to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Koizumi likes to see more youth in Japan to learn about GAP.

GLOBALG.A.P. Certification in Japan began more than 15 years ago with Japan's first certified grower Mr. Katayama. Since then, GLOBALG.A.P. has come a long way in the Land of the Rising Sun, for now culminating in the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement with the University of Hirosaki, and GLOBALG.A.P.’s Japan Consultant Hirofumi Imataki exploring possibilities of collaboration with educating students in GAP.

“GLOBALG.A.P. does not only provide trust in national and global supply chains,”s aid Kristian Moeller, CEO GLOBALG.A.P., “but also serves as a great educational tool for young people to explain the value of good farming practices, as the Goshogawara Agricultural and Forestry High School demonstrates so wonderfully. I applaud the spirit by which GLOBALG.A.P. is brought forward in Japan.”

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A video about the visit of Kristian Moeller to Goshogawara Agricultural and Forestry High School you can watch here.

Photos: GLOBALG.A.P.