The Corporation of Producers and Exporters of Hass Avocado of Colombia, or Corpohass for short, is latest to sign up for GLOBALG.A.P. membership.

Corpohass is a private corporation in Colombia representing local Hass avocado growers and exporters before public and private organizations. The non-profit’s main objective is to roadmap, guide, and promote the Hass avocado agribusiness in Colombia, as well as to ensure food safety.  

How Corpohass helps boost Hass avocado production within Colombia 
Corpohass helps producers and exporters achieve their goals and contribute to environmental and social sustainability. It does this by providing farmers with guidance of different markets, certifications, etc.  
Collecting and exchanging relevant technical, scientific, economic, and social information is another way the company helps improve the avocado sector. Besides carrying out promotional and marketing campaigns at local and regional levels, Corpohassalso represents its members’ interests nationally and internationally.
The Colombia Avocado Board will play a significant role in bringing growers, exporters, and importers together in a cohesive marketing effort, benefiting all throughout the distribution channel: From growers all the way through to retailers, foodservice professionals, and consumers in the USA.