F&S Consulting is a consulting company highly specialized in solutions for the Brazilian food industry. As a new and valuable member for GLOBALG.A.P., F&S Consulting has highlighted the shared priorities behind responsible farming practices and their One Health concept. 

Award-winning agricultural consultants

New GLOBALG.A.P. community member F&S Consulting is an award-winning consulting company based in Brazil. Specialized in delivering solutions for the food and agriculture industries, the company helps their clients improve productivity and sustainability, implement effective quality controls and risk management systems, and ensure that their clients meet all regional and national regulatory requirements.

While Brazilian agriculture has experienced vast growth over the past 50 years, the future of the country’s agribusiness industry now depends on the ability of Brazilian farmers to add value to their current crop. Today, Brazil exports food to over 160 countries around the world, and as recognized experts in the field, F&S Consulting is well-positioned to build on this platform.

A two-way relationship

Welcoming F&S Consulting on board with GLOBALG.A.P. not only provides significant insight to the international conversation on sustainable food production, but will also see the member leading technical working groups on subjects such as certification and agriculture in Brazil. Through in-depth collaboration with GLOBALG.A.P., F&S Consulting hopes to source new customers, enhance their business operations, and enable professional growth for their team.

The future of Brazilian agriculture

Over the last 50 years, agriculture has become one of the most important sources of economic development in Brazil. However, F&S Consulting recognizes that while volume has rapidly increased, the biggest challenge is now adding value.

Through GLOBALG.A.P. certification and ensuring that the quality and safety of Brazilian foods meet the standards of European retailers, Brazil’s largest food producers will be able to export to new markets, including international supermarket and restaurant chains. By partnering with GLOBALG.A.P., F&S Consulting can help their clients reach an even greater audience and add further value for producers in the flourishing Brazilian agriculture industry.

About GLOBALG.A.P. membership

GLOBALG.A.P. relies on an extensive network of members to achieve its goals and spread its mission. We advance the principles of responsible farming practices and promote change throughout the world through collaboration, exchange, and dialogue.

Joining the GLOBALG.A.P. community as an associate member is an effective way to contribute to the global conversation on responsible farming. As an associate member, you can help to promote food safety, environmental sustainability, animal health and welfare, and workers’ well-being by taking part in technical working groups, stakeholder consultations, and more.

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Photo: CEO F&S Consulting Leonardo de La Vega

By kind permission from F&S Consulting