Cologne/Westland, the Netherlands, 24 November 2015

The two Certification Standards for Flowers and Plants agree Cooperation.

MPS and GLOBALG.A.P. have announced their agreement to work together and offer a synchronized certification solution for the horticulture sector.

The partnership will combine the MPS-ABC system with the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification Standard. Growers will be offered a one-stop solution: two certificates with a single audit, with the additional benefit of having access to the MPS-GAP Brand when these assessments are also combined with GRASP or MPS Socially Qualified.

“Our aim is to offer a single point of entry for growers and their retail customers to demonstrate their progress toward sustainability”, said Theo de Groot, Director of MPS, “because we recognize the trend toward asking for more data and transparency in combination with good practice (G.A.P.) certification in the coming years.”

“We need to reduce complexity and eliminate duplication, thus offering a more cost-efficient solution for those producers who need to demonstrate compliance with both standards”, added Dr. Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P. “At the same time we have to take into account the growers’ legitimate data privacy requirements in our efforts to develop transparent, validated and integrated solutions.”

The cooperation is a non-exclusive partnership of two independent organizations as a response to emerging market demand for more collaboration and more flexible tools to demonstrate compliance with customer requirements.

It provides mutual advantages as it gives GLOBALG.A.P. a data analytics add-on and the ability to make use of the MPS Socially Qualified module, while MPS can tap into the network of GLOBALG.A.P.’s certification bodies.

A first pilot has been successfully conducted and promises to provide real savings to those producers who are required to show proof of both certificates. An audit for both GLOBALG.A.P. and MPS-ABC has been done at Gärtnersiedlung in Rain am Lech by BCS.

“The producers in the Gärtnersiedlung Rain am Lech have been certified for GLOBALG.A.P. by BCS Öko-Garantie since 2010,” said Stefan Glöde. “In 2011 MPS-ABC was added as a pilot project in Germany. From the very beginning BCS has certified both standards in a combined audit. A range of control points need to be inspected for the two standards, offering a combination of the two systems. For us as producers, this consolidation of the inspection processes makes it easier to prepare the audit, so we save time in the run-up to and during the inspection. The different weightings of the two systems (environmental standards with a mass balance for plant-protection products, fertilisers and energy from MPS-ABC and workplace-safety aspects, record-keeping, internal and third-party controls for the areas of nutrition and plant health from GLOBALG.A.P.) mean that the certifications complement each other and provide a consistent overall picture for the grower,” Stefan Glöde emphasized.

Gärtnersiedlung Rain am Lech:

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