After a two-year absence, the world’s leading horticultural trade fair returned and the industry’s wish to meet on site was realized at the IPM Summer Edition held on 13–14 June 2022 in Essen, Germany.

The special Summer Edition took place for the first time, allowing a return to in-person events through the well-established platform for communication and exchange offered by IPM Essen. Counting over 230 exhibitors across two halls, the event focused on innovative products and services from across the sector.

Speakers’ Corner provides a platform for industry dialog 

The IPM Summer Edition featured both an IPM Discovery Center to showcase new products and a Speakers' Corner to facilitate discussion between industry representatives. GLOBALG.A.P. was represented by GGN Label Key Account Manager for floriculture, Sarah von Fintel, at the talk on current industry developments and adaptation strategies on 13 June.

Alongside participants Jan Bley (Innok Robotics), Marcus Suchant (grünpunkt), and Maik Mandemaker (MPS), the discussions spanned several key topics facing producers. This included the sustainability drivers of resource efficiency and responsible water and energy use, as well as growing consumer demands for transparency.

The measurability of resource consumption and the digitalization of the sector are crucial developments for GLOBALG.A.P. To help producers adapt to the challenges this brings, tools such as the Impact-Driven Approach to Sustainability enable flower and ornamentals farms to collect, process, and store their environmental sustainability data.

Through the new flagship standard, GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) version 6, more emphasis is also being placed on these topics through enhanced criteria on environmental sustainability and biodiversity. This actively promotes producer ownership and awareness.

Finally, with the help of the GGN label for floriculture – for which IFA is the foundation of the requirements – producers and retailers can communicate their efforts towards responsible farming practices to consumers. The GGN label therefore creates an important connection by allowing consumers to trace their products back to certified production processes.

Impressive representation from across the sector

The IPM Summer Edition was well-attended by important groups from across the horticultural sector, including the BGI (Association of German Flower Wholesalers and Importers), the Bund deutscher Baumschulen e.V. (Association of German Nurseries), and the Zentralverband Gartenbau (Central Horticultural Association).

IPM Essen will return to its usual calendar at the beginning of next year, with the event scheduled to take place from 24–27 January 2023.

Photo: from left: Maik Mandemaker (MPS Group) , Sarah von Fintel (GGN Label Key Account Manager for floriculture), Marcus Suchant (grün. konzepte. strategien. entwicklung - green. concepts. strategies. development) at IPM Summer Edition