Europe’s leading seafood restaurant chain celebrates its 120-year anniversary this year. With more than 415 prime location retail outlets serving 19 million seafood lovers annually, NORDSEE as a member contributes over 100 years of valuable knowledge and experience in terms of meeting consumer demands for healthy, nutritious and sustainably sourced fish products.

“We are proud of our tradition and we use our experience to spur development and innovation,” says Robert Jung, CEO of NORDSEE, on the company’s strategic approach. “This builds the fertile ground for a comprehensive and sustainable business, enthusiastic customers, and long-term success.”

Since its establishment, NORDSEE has become synonymous in Germany with highly successful fish retailing. Founded in 1896 as “Deutsche Dampffischerei-Gesellschaft NORDSEE” in Bremerhaven, Northern Germany, the company had seven steam-powered fishing boats which supplied regional and national customers with top-quality fresh fish. In the same year, NORDSEE opened its first shop in Bremen, and in 1965 NORDSEE opened its first fish restaurant followed by fish snack shops in the 1980s.

These three areas – retail, restaurants and snack sales – continue to be the basis of NORDSEE’s success. NORDSEE has become Europe’s largest quick-service seafood restaurant chain with around 5,000 employees and a turnover of approximately € 350 million per year. The company has locally owned and franchised restaurants in Europe and the Middle East.

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