Borja Murube at Almaco del Guadalquivir, S.L., has gotten used to hearing that he’s going nuts.“ We received so many comments from farmers, friends, and so many people saying we were crazy planting walnuts and pecans because ‘nobody did it before in our area’” he said. But by now several other local farms have started to follow their lead.

The California of Europe

The area that Murube was referring to is the Guadalquivir valley between Seville and Córdoba in Spain. The valley’s unique climate makes it an ideal place to produce high-quality nuts. “It’s like the California of Europe” says the company’s website.

Laser-leveled, hand-planted

Almaco del Guadalquivir, S.L. was founded in 2013. The enterprise began by sourcing the finest available walnut and pecan nursery stock from Spain and around the world. They selected varieties especially suited to their environment to ensure a strong start. Workers planted each tree by hand on laser-leveled fields. They then installed drip irrigation systems for careful water use and precise fertilizer application.

A tough nut to crack

Learning to farm nuts in Spain hasn’t always been easy. “We had grown more than 200 tons of nuts on new cultivated areas with nearly no crop last year” said Borja Murube about the 2019 harvest. “ It’s been crazy.” He expects future harvests to top 1,500 tons as the trees mature. Also, one downside of being “the California of Europe” is the risk of drought. And irrigation water can be tainted with salt. These challenges require constant innovation and adaptation. And, as Murube says, a good dose of humor helps a lot too.

Sights set on lofty goals

“Our goal is to provide the highest quality nuts of all the nuts available on the market in Spain” explained general director Borja Murube in a company press-release. “These [nuts] are produced on our farm and processed on our machinery with the three-fold objective of health, flavor, and sustainability.”

Almaco del Guadalquivir, S.L. is proud to employ local workers in a safe workplace environment. Their employees, they say, are their best asset.They also farm sustainably and use water responsibly - their nuts are GLOBALG.A.P. certified.

Almaco del Guadalquivir's commitments to their workers and their consumers make them a natural fit for the GLOBALG.A.P. farm assurance program. They are proud participants of the 2020 Photo Campaign GLOBALG.A.P. Around the World.

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