ASPIS SA is a family-owned company that, after nearly five decades, has become one of the largest fruit processors in Greece. They operate two processing plants, one in Argos (Southern Greece) and one in Irinoupoli Imathia (Northern Greece). Agriculture is the foundation and the future of their business. They produce a wide variety of fruit juices and purees, aromas and oils, fruit preparations, and canned products. Maintaining a sustainable agricultural supply chain is critical for the business.

Formation of the ASPIS Farmer Management Group

At the beginning of 2019 they decided to bring their farmers together under a common umbrella and help them to implement a Sustainable Agricultural Program. A few months later the ASPIS farmer management group was formed. Today, the group includes 179 peach and orange growers and is expanding to include more farmers and crops.

GLOBALG.A.P. and the Farm Sustainability Assessment Add-on increase efficiency and add value

In September 2019 the group was GLOBALG.A.P. certified with the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) add-on . This was a notable success because the ASPIS group is the first farmer group in Greece having been assessed with this add-on.

GLOBALG.A.P. is a well-known standard in Greece. Adding the FSA add-on increased value and helped ASPIS improve their agricultural practices. Using the FSA allowed the group to easily integrate the additional criteria into their farming processes. This add-on was an easy way for the group to increase market access.

Other farmer groups can benefit from the Farm Sustainability Assessment Add-on

ASPIS experience with the implementation of the Farm Sustainability Assessment add-on was very positive. Most of our team members only needed to adjust a few processes. Last year’s results showed that farmers often managed to spend less while saving time and effort. The add-on will helps them to better understand, control, and improve the sustainability of their day-to-day work.

By courtesy of ASPIS Farmer Management Group

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