Don’t worry, this is not a conspiracy theory or lesson in witchcraft! Yet, who knows…? Maybe this plant does have superpowers?!

Inhabitants reaching over 100 year of age

In a remote Chinese province called Guizhou mysterious and curious observations have been made. In small villages in the Fanjing Mountain, the number of inhabitants reaching over 100 years of age is surprisingly high. The majority seem to lead long and healthy lives. Naturally, as the rumor spreads around the country, surprise and curiosity increased. People began asking themselves: “How is this possible?”

Fangjing Mountain Nature Reserve impresses with its incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Majestic mountains stretching towards the sky. A misty shroud slowly moving and pushing through the spaces between dark green, steep mountainsides. This is the home to the extraordinary Herb of Immortality, Jiaogulan.

A robust climbing vine with benefits compared to those of ginseng

Jiaogulan is a robust climbing vine which does not bear any fruit, but belongs to the cucumber and gourd family. In the right environment, it can climb up to 10 meters in one season. For hundreds of years in traditional Chinese herbology, the leaves have been used for tea and consumed regularly in the morning and evening in the villages where longevity is noteworthy.

Its properties and health benefits are often compared to those of ginseng, but unfortunately it is not as popular or well known. As if those properties weren’t enough to make the plant wonderful, Jiaogulan is also called “sweet tea vine.” In the 1970’s, the plant received attention from scientists because of the natural sweet taste. It was thought to be suitable as a natural sweetener.

Invented by accident

Another existing legend says that the Chinese Emperor Fu Shou “invented” the tea by accident. On a trip, water was boiled for sanitizing reasons and apparently dried Jiaogulan leaves suddenly fell into the boiling water, creating the first immortality tea.

Even if the plant does not make one immortal, the stories connected to the plant are already fascinating enough to remind one of inventions in Science Fiction Books.

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