Consentio is the digital solution that employs tech intelligence to streamline interactions between clients and suppliers in the fresh produce sector to optimize the distribution model. They use the power of technology to protect the food we eat.

Optimizing market interactions

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Barcelona, the company now has team members in Spain, France, and the USA. Consentio counts more than 12,000 users, including all the players in the agricultural supply chain –  producers, wholesalers, cooperatives, and retailers from across the sector.

The tool offers multiple functions to stakeholders in the industry, from the option for sellers to create a webshop to provide their clients with full information regarding available products in real time, notify them about promotions, etc., to the possibility for the headquarters of supermarkets to centralize all their store requests using one efficient communication channel. 

Consentio aims to optimize distribution within the agri-food sector by simplifying interactions between buyers and suppliers in a single tool. As the solution is synchronized with an organization’s ERP, it makes it possible to automate the importing of orders, detecting errors, and reducing manual tasks without altering the way in which clients are used to working. 


Common goals for supply chain transparency

In addition to managing transactional information, Consentio allows users to aggregate, measure, and consult sustainability data for each of their products, including water consumption, CO2 fixation, and the use of plastics to provide buyers with insights into the environmental impact of products. 

Streamlining interactions and providing real-time analytics aids the optimization of distribution and contributes to the reduction of food waste in the industry. A large percentage of the more than 80 million metric tons of food that is lost or wasted annually in Europe is fruit and vegetables. 

The company commented: “Consentio and GLOBALG.A.P. have a shared purpose – to increase the measurement of sustainability impacts by seeking to improve the traceability of products from their origin and enhancing transparency throughout the supply chain. We believe that food safety and waste reduction is a common goal.”

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