Founded in 1992, Stoian Land Coopertiva Agricola began as a small company with three employees. After 25 years, Ferma Stoian is one of the biggest producers of field vegetables in Romania, with over 550 hectares under production.

The main products are carrots and onions, but beetroot, parsley, parsnip, black radish and cabbage are also grown.

The first GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate for Stoian Land Coopertiva was issued in 2007, under EurepG.A.P. Products are mainly marketed to supermarkets in Romania, but also are sold in Bulgaria and the free market.

Why did you join the GLOBALG.A.P. Licensed Farm Assurer program?

I've joined the GLOBALG.A.P. Licensed Farm Assurer program because I want to give good advice to farmers and also to give them confidence in my work as a consultant. I believe that as long as I keep myself well trained and up-to-date with all the requirements of the GLOBALG.A.P. Standards, I will manage to help farmers produce healthier and safer fruit and vegetables, and also to be more organized in terms of documentation. I've joined this program because I love to do this work.

Do you network with other Farm Assurers and how do you accomplish this?

Yes. I mostly network with other Farm Assurers by email, but I also attend webinars, trainings, conferences and summits.

What is the current situation of agricultural certification in your country?

There are currently about 70 certified farms. As I've recently started a program of consultancy for 18 farmers (Option 2 included), I hope that more certification requests will come. Agriculture is a very important field of Romania's economy. Farmers are still learning about how to approach implementation of food safety programs, and the goal is to work with producers and retailers to assist in this process. 

What are the most satisfactory moments in your work?

I feel mostly satisfied with my producer collaboration when the farmer understands what good agricultural practice is in terms of GLOBALG.A.P. implementation and when they incorporate the standards criteria naturally, and of course, when they achieve   certification. I feel very proud when, in the end, the farmers tell me that they feel more organized and are able to track their documentation through processes which we established.

What are your goals and what goals have you already reached by now?

I want to promote the benefits of the standard. I would like to help as many farmers as I can to get certified and also keep adapting the standard to my country's laws and regulations.
 Until now, I've managed to translate two versions of the standard, GRASP requirements and the GAP in Action posters. I've been part of a sustainability project and Crops for Processing Standard construction and I've founded the NTWG for Fruit and Vegetables in Romania.

How does the Farm Assurer program help you in your daily work?

The Farm Assurer program keeps me up to date with the information and materials I need and also gives me the opportunity to get involved in new projects.


Photo: Courtesy of  Cristina Andreea Vasii, Stoian, Romania