At first you might be skeptical about going near this fruit. The spiky, green fruit looks like a dragon egg that you should not be taking home because a mythical creature might break out of it. Weighing up to incredible 5-8 kilograms and measuring up to 90 centimeters across makes the jackfruit the largest existing tree borne fruit in the world. The tropical fruit grows on majestic trees, ideally bearing fruit up to 9 months per year when cultivated in tropical and rainy climates. One single tree can produce more than 200 gigantic fruits annually. The Southwestern rain forests in India are believed to be the origin of the special fruit. However, cultivation can also be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brazil. In Bangladesh it is even regarded as the national fruit due to its popularity. Nonetheless, the incredible size is only a minor surprise when it comes to this fruit. Also called the “starvation fruit”, it is believed that the jackfruit could help end starvation worldwide. Certain components like magnesium, potassium, vitamins, iron and fiber make the fruit extremely beneficial for health and a balanced diet. A single jackfruit can be prepared into a meal for an entire family. One success of this fruit can already be acknowledged: It is hyped as a meat substitution, especially by vegetarians. If roasted and handled in the right way, a meal with jackfruit instead of meat can be a delicious alternative.

Producer of GLOBALG.A.P. certified jackfruit: Thakolsri Farm Petchaboan, Thailand

GGN: 4049929741188

Photo: Shutterstock