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As GLOBALG.A.P. has been recognized as the Best Practice Standard for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020, the interest in obtaining GLOBALG.A.P. certification is growing in Japan. Shihoro High School incorporates GLOBALG.A.P. as its pillar of agricultural education. Lessons are designed around the Integrated Farm Assurance Fruit and Vegetable checklist, requiring students to review standards for certification and risk evaluation tables. The students are responsible for applying the food safety plan on the school farm, this includes maintaining records, properly cleaning equipment, and effective water quality management.

Shihoro High School has approximately 150 students in Agribusiness Studies and Food Systems. The High School is situated on the Northern Japanese Island of Hokkaido with fertile farm land. Cattle, dairy products, potatoes, beans, sugar beet, and wheat are the main agricultural products of the region.

The school was GLOBALG.A.P. certified for garlic and carrots in October 2017. In addition to garlic and carrots, the school aspires to add wheat and potatoes to their 2018 certification, which are the popular crops grown in the town of Shihoro. The students strive to raise awareness in their town and region by informing local officials of the importance of food safety implementation, as verified through GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hokkaido Shihoro High School