Jordan River Herbs Plc. is a company with a total of 40 hectares of  land under cultivation, including 12.3 hectares of greenhouses and tunnels in Ethiopia. The company sells products primarily in the EU, Canada, and South Africa. The primary impetus for their GLOBALG.A.P. certification was to have a system that is recognized and trusted around the world in order to facilitate  market access. The entire certification process took about six months. Although the certification did require some on-farm modifications, getting certified was overall a very smooth and easy process.

In future, Jordan River Herbs intends to become certified in accordance with a social standard, such as GRASP, and in accordance with an environmental standard. Jordan River Herbs asserts that GLOBALG.A.P. certification was a very important step and would recommend that other farmers in Ethiopia seek certification as well. Certification is not only important to gain access to a variety of markets, but it is also vital in managing a farm sustainably and efficiently into the future.

Jordan River Herbs: GGN 4049928378705

Photo: Courtesy of Jordon River Herbs