The Kenya Flower Council is a private voluntary association of independent growers and exporters of cut-flowers and ornamentals. KFC was formed to foster the responsible and safe production of cut flowers in Kenya, while protecting the natural environment.

Their Standard has now been re-benchmarked with GLOBALG.A.P. FO Version 5 as an equivalent scheme.

The Kenya Flower Council Certification Scheme is guided by an Accredited Quality System Regulations that defines the management, auditing and certification process. Producer Members subscribing to the Flowers and Ornamentals Sustainability Standard (F.O.S.S) are audited annually.

Producers are awarded either a Silver or Gold Certificate after complying with all the requirements of the selected certification category.

The F.O.S.S is based on environmental and socio-economic principles which ensure certified producers foster sustainable, responsible, and safe production of cut flowers and ornamentals. The Standard covers governance, good agricultural practices, human resource management, workers’ welfare, employee health, environmental protection, and post-harvest management.

In early 2016, the F.O.S.S was added in the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) collection of Sustainable Standards .