If it’s not a weird coconut, a genetically modified kiwi, or a papaya with skin like sandpaper, then I have no idea what kind of fruit I have just come across. From the outside it’s plain and unspectacular, but the flesh surprises with a strong, beautiful color. “True beauty comes from within” seems to describe this fruit perfectly.

A tropical fruit with its origin in Mexico and Central America

Apparently, it’s called the Mamey Sapote, a tropical fruit with its origin in Mexico and Central America. The brown football-like fruit grows directly on the branch of an evergreen tree and it actually takes about a year for the flower to develop into a juvenile stadium of the fruit. Another year has to pass before the Mamey Sapote reaches its full size. The best method to determine whether the fruit is ripe is to lightly scratch the surface of the fruit with your nail. If the color of the skin underneath is pumpkin-like to deep orange or even red, the fruit is ready for consumption. In addition, the fruit becomes increasingly softer during ripening.

When opened, the texture resembles an Avocado, due to its extremely creamy, soft flesh and the large seed inside. However, the taste is more akin to that of sweet potatoes, mixed with pumpkin and apricot. Interestingly, “Sapote” actually means “soft fruit”. It is quite popular as an ingredient in milk shakes, smoothies, ice creams, and other desserts.

A drink reserved for Aztec rulers

There is also a traditional cold beverage called Tejate, which dates back to ancient Mexican history and is made with cacao beans, corn, seeds of the Mamey Sapote, and Rosita de Cacao. Some 4000 years ago, this drink was probably reserved for Aztec rulers, and it is sometimes even referred to as the drink of gods. Making the special beverage takes a lot of time and effort. The traditional and exact recipe is a secret among the women of San Andrés Huayapam, a municipality in Oaxaca, Mexico. The small town even hosts an annual Tejate festival which attracts hundreds of locals as well as visitors from all over the country.

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