The GLOBALG.A.P. benchmarked MéxicoG.A.P. ® standard seems to fit best for the large number of avocado producers in Mexico. This is the joint recommendation of three Presidents during the PMA in Anaheim: Sergio Guerrero Urbina of APEAM (Association of Avocado Producers, Packers and Exporters; Asociacion de Productores y empacadores exportadores de aguacate), Juan Alberto Laborin Gomez of MCS (México Calidad Suprema) and Kristian Moeller of GLOBALG.A.P. North America.

MéxicoG.A.P. ®/GLOBALG.A.P. is particularly designed to also meet the requirements of smaller growers and can be adapted to the production needs of the Mexican avocado industry. The world standard GLOBALG.A.P. provides not only market access to Europe and Asia, but with the re-benchmarking process to GFSI nearly finished, also to most customers in North America.