A subsidiary of Fritz Köster Handelsgesellschaft AG, Hamburg-based Köster Marine Proteins GmbH (KMP) is currently Europe’s leading fishmeal distributor. Looking back on a 90-year tradition of trading in feed, KMP today boasts a global network of partners and decades of experience, bringing new innovations and state-of-the-art technologies to the industry.

KMP supplies fish meal, soy protein concentrate, and other specialty foods that are rich in protein and high in nutrients. Köster Marine Proteins ensures high quality, sustainability and safety for all of its products. Awarded multiple certificates, KMP meets or exceeds all relevant standards and guarantees complete traceability of every batch of goods.

When it comes to its feed ingredients, KMP has followed a strict sustainable sourcing policy right from the start. The fish meal is sourced from various countries around the world and especially from Peru. The high water quality and nutrient density of the Humboldt Current, in accordance with strict fishing quotas and strict controls, enable the sustainable production of quality fish meal.

Through a long-standing collaboration with its logistics partner J. Müller Weser that dates back to 1966, KMP operates a comprehensive and reliable logistics network that guarantees 100% traceability of every batch of fishmeal, from fishing area of origin, species and producer to the final handover to the customer. Together with its partner J. Müller, KMP has also established Europe's largest and most modern fishmeal terminal.

Learn more about Köster Marine Proteins at www.kmp-fischmehl.de/en

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