Focused on moving China towards more safe and sustainable food production, major retailers and over 70 members of the Chinese food industry came together in Harbin, northern China for a GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR event in conjunction with the Agriculture and Food Expo.

Retailers with operations in China are beginning to focus their efforts on creating a safe and sustainable food industry that Chinese consumers can trust.

"Food safety and food security go hand in hand in China. We need better G.A.P. and quality assurance systems on the farms to assure a safe food supply for our customers for today and tomorrow. Carrefour will work with partners like GLOBALG.A.P. to initiate capacity building programs with our suppliers," says Carrefour’s Clotilde Pallier, who spoke at the event.

The TOUR event also featured speakers Zhiqiang (David) Zhang, of the GLOBALG.A.P. Board and Buyer’s Council; Kerstin Uhlig, GLOBALG.A.P.; Han Zhi, CQC; William Peng, SGS; Anthony Lidong Liang, Intertek; and Jell Shu (Guancheng), China Ansense. To view all speaker presentations and photos from the event, please click here.