Creamy texture, vanilla-like, a blend of pineapple, peach, and banana. Those are only some of the many different descriptions regarding the taste and consistency of this exotic fruit also being called called Custard Apple or Ice Cream Fruit. But one thing almost everybody can agree on is that the ancient Incan fruit is absolutely delicious.

With the GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2018 in Lima, Peru just around the corner, the Cherimoya is the perfect exotic fruit to look at more closely this month. Also called “Chirimuya” by Inca people, and native to Latin American countries like Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia, this fruit used to be reserved only for royalty. Consequently, we can consider ourselves very lucky to be able to try the highly praised fruit in our time. The meaning of the Quechua word “Chirimuya” is “cold seeds” and refers to the plant growing in the Andes and other relatively high elevations.

Do not let its plain outside fool you! From afar, the Cherimoya might seem rather uninteresting with its light green skin and resemblance to an artichoke. It certainly would not call considerable attention in a supermarket, especially not as a fruit. Only the white, soft flesh with the small black seeds on the inside triggers undeniable curiosity. A hot tip from Cherimoya lovers is to make ice cream out of this fruit, since no additional sugar or other ingredients are needed. The soft texture and sweetness can be a major surprise when it comes to one’s first taste of the often-underestimated Cherimoya.

Go ahead and try one! It even promises health benefits, because it is high in Vitamin C, iron, fiber, and potassium. The Cherimoya is a cholesterol-free treat no one should miss out on!

Producer: Sociedad Agricola Rosales Hermanos y Compañia Ltda., Chile
GGN: 4050373458119

 Photo: Shutterstock