Egg-shaped and bright red or golden. A taste similar to a juicy apricot or berry, but spicy at the same time. You can cut and eat it like a Kiwi, but also serve it with savory dishes and salads. Would you think of a tomato? That might not be your first guess. So, what are these so-called tamarillos – fruit or vegetable? In the end, it doesn’t matter: This exotic tree tomato adapts perfectly to any role.

Fruit or vegetable? A berry fruit called tree tomato

The tamarillo is sometimes called tree tomato. One of the nightshades, it’s closely related to tomatoes and potatoes. However, it still belongs to the fruit family. To be more precise, the tamarillo is the berry fruit of an evergreen shrub that can grow up to six meters high. The original home of the tamarillo are the Peruvian Andes.

Whether berry or tomato – it’s healthy! 

Like its close relative, the tomato, the tamarillo can also impress with its low fat and calorie content. In terms of vitamin content, however, the tree tomato is a little ahead of its relatives and provides a lot of vitamin A and C.

Berry or tomato salad? How to prepare this chameleon-food

The tamarillo is a true chameleon when it comes to serving: It adapts to any preparation method. You can enjoy the fruit pure, savory with a little salt and pepper, or sweet with a little sugar. Usually the fruit is simply halved and can then be spooned out like a kiwi. It tastes delicious in jam as well as in a fresh fruit salad, but tamarillos also fit in spicy salads and are often served with savory dishes. A true all-rounder!

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