While some of us might take a step back at the sight of the word “snake”, it is just a curious nickname which the Salak fruit has earned due to its spectacular dark-red to brownish scaly skin. Despite its rough-looking skin, it easy to peel, since the inside is not overly juicy or soft. Once peeled, it resembles a garlic clove with its white, crunchy pulp. The fruit-bearing plant Salacca zalacca is a short-stemmed species of palm tree usually grown in the shade.

In Indonesia, its land of origin, the Salak fruit is as common as apples in other countries around the world. At least 30 different varieties are known today. Among natives, the fruit is known by another special name: “Fruit of memory”. Thanks to high levels of potassium, pectin, and beta-carotene, it is said to increase blood flow to the brain and thus to support brain activity. But do not eat too many in hopes of becoming a genius – rumor has it that a large amount may cause constipation!

Additionally, the snake fruit cannot only be enjoyed raw and as a fresh snack on the go, but it is also fermented into Salacca wine. This unique wine is not available everywhere but is often served on the Indonesian island of Bali.

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Producer: PT. Masindo Mitra Mandiri, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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