With the addition of Tomasol to its network of now 70 member cooperatives with thousands of farmers, Anecoop has expanded its market reach and improved its position in Andalusia. This boost to its commercial strength enables Anecoop to support growers, producers and marketers of horticultural products to gain greater access to international markets.

The President of Anecoop, Alejandro Monzón, praised Tomasol's management "for sharing a cooperative and agro-business project like ours. He added that "we are encouraging them to continue the positive trend set in recent years to make it possible for us to grow together and strengthen the national sector.”

Since its founding in 1975, Anecoop has established itself as one of the largest international distribution companies for citrus, vegetables, non-citrus fruits and wines. It is the Mediterranean’s leading fruit and vegetable producer, the Spanish leader in the marketing of fruit and vegetables, the world’s leading citrus fruit exporter and second largest marketer, and Europe’s top watermelon and kaki supplier. Anecoop joined GLOBALG.A.P. as a retail member in September 2000.

The Tomasol Chairman, Mr. Pascual Soler, "Tomasol as well Anecoop can boost growth with this initiative: our company can benefit from Anecoop's powerful structure in the international market and its capacity to deal with large distribution chains and we can contribute with our product diversity and trade capacity."

As for Anecoop’s Chairman, Mr. Alejandro Monzón, he has expressed his satisfaction for “sharing this agri-food project with Tomasol”, encouraging the Almeria-based cooperative to continue on the positive trend of recent years and to grow together with Anecoop, boosting an industry which happens to be one of the engines of national economy.

Founded in 1992, the Agrarian Transformation Society Tomasol currently has nine members, owns 200 hectares of arable land, and a 2,500 square meter warehouse with the capacity to handle 300,000 kilos of vegetables per day. Although it is a renowned tomato grower in the area of Almeria, it stands out for its watermelon production, with 10,000 tons per year, as well as for its cauliflowers, with a production of three million pieces per year, courgettes, peas and beans. Besides being GLOBALG.A.P. certified, Tomasol also has BRC and IFS certification.

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