On 12 May 2023 Kristian Moeller, Managing Director of GLOBALG.A.P. c/o FoodPLUS GmbH, announced he will step down from the role, effective 31 May.

Dr Moeller has been pursuing the mission of promoting responsible farming practices for over 20 years, establishing the internationally recognized GLOBALG.A.P. brand of farm assurance solutions.

Having joined the executive leadership team as Managing Directors for FoodPLUS GmbH in 2021, Dr Elmé Coetzer-Boersma and Markus Phillip will continue in their roles.

From 1 June 2023, Dr Moeller will devote his time to a new role with the EHI Retail Institute, setting up a grievance mechanism system that meets the needs of the supply chain due diligence act.

In case of any queries, kindly contact the GLOBALG.A.P. press office: pressoffice@globalgap.org