B&S Grupo Exportador is a company based in Mexico that produces, packages and commercializes Persian Lime. The company is committed to fulfilling the most demanding global quality and safety standards, and so delivers the quality and assurance that its customers around the world expect.   

The B&S Grupo Exportador team of qualified personnel is highly motivated. With teamwork, honesty, perseverance and a commitment to the policies and processes of quality, safety and hygiene, the company’s team has helped B&S Grupo Exportador grow into a successful and trusted producer and supplier.

In 1985 B&S Grupo Exportador began exporting its products to the United States and since 1997 the Mexican producer has been a leader in the cropping, packing and commercialization of Persian lime from Mexico, exporting to many EU countries, United States and Japan.

B&S Grupo Exportador’s brands in the European market are:  Axi, Chely, Elma, Susie y Teuila in the 10lb presentation; and Elma and El Sabor in the 5lb presentation.                                                                                                                              

For B&S Grupo Exportador, MexicoG.A.P. certification has played a key role in facilitating trade with the European Union.

Mexico Calidad Suprema and GLOBALG.A.P.  worked together to create MexicoG.A.P. certification, which is equivalent to GLOBALG.A.P. Mexico Calidad Suprema makes it easier for companies in Mexico to achieve high standard G.A.P. certification. In June 2012, MexicoG.A.P. Version 4.0 successfully passed through GLOBALG.A.P.’s benchmarking procedure and is now recognized as an Equivalent Checklist to the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Control Points and Compliance Criteria Version 4.0 for the Fruit and Vegetables scope.

B&S Grupo Exportador’s future plans include developing different projects with the help of MexicoG.A.P. certification, including the certification of more Persian lime orchards. B&S Grupo Exportador also plans to enter the East European, Danish and Swiss markets.

Visit their website:  B&S Grupo Exportador