Mission Produce partnered with GLOBALG.A.P. and WQS to offer avocado growers in the Uruapan region of Mexico training on successful compliance with the IFA Fruit and Vegetable Standard. Avocado producers are preparing their farms to comply with GFSI benchmarked audit schemes.

Mission Produce reached out to growers across the region to emphasize the importance of this training opportunity and hosted the meeting at a local conference center. Over 65 attendees learned about GLOBALG.A.P. in a classroom training session tailored specifically to the unique needs of avocado production. The training offered one day of field tours, in which participants were able to ask questions and gain applied experience in implementing food safety programs at the farm level. Mission Produce has assembled a task force to further the company’s support of producers in the field as they work toward achieving certification.

Enrique Urrutia, a WQS trainer with native Spanish proficiency and auditing expertise, presented much of the classroom material. Marco Villegas, GLOBALG.A.P.’s leading consultant in Mexico, provided both classroom and field training to participants during the training session. Mr. Villegas has over 15 years of experience in applied agriculture in Mexico, and supports GLOBALG.A.P.’s service and outreach to stakeholders in the region. Grupo Rosmar, a key training partner in Mexico, provided support for the workshop through the participation of their farm assurer team and shared expertise of a senior staff consultant. This team of trainers offered an effective and concise learning experience for the growers. The event was covered in several local newspapers and received attention from the regional press.

"Mission recognizes the importance of food safety throughout the supply chain," said Brent Scattini, Mission's VP of Sales & Marketing. "Hosting the compliance training in Uruapan is part of our overall effort to link what we do in the packinghouse to the individual grower on the ranch. By being the trusted partner and conduit between growers and consumers, we can ensure that we are serving our global customer base in terms of food safety and compliance."

GLOBALG.A.P. is excited about our continued collaboration with Mission Produce, and looks forward to further supporting avocado growers in the region in the coming months.