Improved quality standards of thousands of producers

“Effectively, our company emerged at a Costa Rican level as an initiative aimed at providing solutions for the monitoring and quality control of the pineapples exported by the country in the years 2007 and 2008. Over time, we became more and more aware of the importance of the standards associated with good agricultural practices. There is absolutely no doubt that GLOBALG.A.P., as a professional entity, and its initiatives have helped considerably to improve the quality standards of thousands of producers at our regional level in Latin America. As such, we consider being a member of GLOBALG.A.P. something of great value in terms of supporting development in the region and in the different production sectors of the food chain”, explains Pablo E. Leiva Fernández, Regional Projects Director of TSI Group Latinamerica & Caribbean, why becoming a GLOBALG.A.P. member is the right choice for Tecnosoluciones Integrales (TSI). 

Access international markets with rigorous requirements

With more than a decade of experience in the field of analytical services for agricultural producers as well as environmental projects and BioPharma stakeholders, TSI is an important player in the Latin American export sector. Originally founded in Costa Rica in 2005, it expanded throughout the Central American region and the Caribbean, and later to Mexico.

Today, TSI also serves large parts of South America. The food testing division alone offers more than 100,000 tests through a network of strategically located commercial laboratories, covering all key areas of food safety and composition. In addition, TSI offers the full range of laboratory services for phase I to IV clinical research programs and other pharmaceutical tests, as well as a broad selection of water, soil, and other environmental analyses. 

TSI customers value the high standard of quality and reliability in their testing services, through which they can access international markets with rigorous requirements. The company upholds partnerships with the Eurofins Group, the global leader in the testing industry, and the North American Keika Ventures Group.