All 8,700 hectares of the Terra Viva farm in Brazil are bursting with life.

From expansive amaryllis fields and stately eucalyptus groves, to state-of-the-art orchid greenhouses and pristine wilderness reserves – something spectacular grows in every corner.

The farm produces a wide range of food, fuel, and ornamental crops, including potatoes, onions, eucalyptus, cut and potted flowers, bulbs, and ornamental greenery.

And they are the largest producer of amaryllis bulbs in the world.

Growing a better life

Terra Viva celebrated its 60 th anniversary in October 2019. Dutch immigrants Gemma and Klaas Schoenmaker founded the farm in 1959.

Terra Viva’s motto – “Growing a Better Life” – reflects the company’s constant pursuit of improvement since those early days when the Schoenmakers embraced the challenge of starting fresh in a new land.

The farm’s commitment now is to pass on their legacy of innovation, resilience, and prosperity to the next generation.

Sustainability for future generations

Today, Terra Viva employs over 1,100 workers though it still remains a family business.

“Terra Viva is a family farming business that operates on participatory management principles” explains the company’s Commercial Manager Fernando Casado. “We sustainably create value in economic, social, human, and environmental areas.” Participatory management gives workers a voice in the company’s direction and fosters personal growth and improvement.

The farm benefits its neighbors by creating employment and by protecting the environment through good agricultural practices and dedicated nature reserves. They also fund social programs for local youth.

And they supply cities near and far with healthy food crops, beautiful flowers, and ornamentals. These products provide “food for the body and the soul” according to a video on their YouTube channel.

GLOBALG.A.P. – a natural partner

Terra Viva’s commitment to sustainable practices and quality products made a GLOBALG.A.P. certification a natural next step.

“Terra Viva decided to join GLOBALG.A.P. as we share the same values and we are driven by a common goal: deliver the customer a safe and reliable product”,said Fernando Casado. “The decision of joining GLOBALG.A.P. was natural for Terra Viva and also aligned with our mission: Growing a better life!”

Here’s to the next 60 years of success at Terra Viva!

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