It may look like the self-inflating fish that inhabits the depth of the sea, but astonishingly it is in fact a spikey fruit. With its impressive orange to deep-orange skin and bright green, juicy flesh, it certainly is an eye-catcher and the literal embodiment of an exotic fruit. The kiwano is also known as jelly melon, horned melon or African horned cucumber and originated in southern and central Africa.

Where water is rare and sparse, exotic fruits like the kiwano melon are important water resources for native people. Especially its long shelf-life, approximately three months at 20 to 25 °C, makes the fruit precious and popular during dry seasons. One of these extremely dry areas is for example the Kalahari Desert. Nowadays kiwanos are mainly cultivated in New Zealand and the USA, while in Australia it is regarded as an undesirable weed due to its rapid growth and occupation of areas, which prevented native plants from growing.

The kiwano belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. Its taste is described as that of an unsweetened slimy juice made from cucumbers, kiwis, limes, and bananas, with large edible seeds.

Kiwanos: Producer - Kammi Produce, Te Puke,  New Zealand
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