China Ants Alliance (CAA) was established by twelve retailers from six provinces in China. It is operated and managed by Zhengzhou Ant Hezhong Business Management Co. Ltd., which implemented a board management system. Currently, the CAA has 32 corporate members from 19 provinces and municipalities. Its members operate over 1,300 supermarket stores serving 10 million customers per day and generating an annual turnover of more than 45 billion CNY (approx. €5.7 billion). CAA will strive to promote good agricultural practices in the Chinese market and is committed to ensuring food safety and excellent quality for Chinese consumers through its own brand for fresh produce.

During the membership signing ceremony at the 2 nd National Private Brand Conference in Zhengzhou, China, CAA Chairman Mr. Wu Junhong stated: “With the strategic cooperation between China Ants Alliance and GLOBALG.A.P., we now have access to GLOBALG.A.P. resources in China and around the world. This provides invaluable support for taking our private fresh produce brand to the next level.”

Flavio Alzueta, Vice President and CMO of GLOBALG.A.P., added: “We have been working in the Chinese market for more than 10 years, collaborating with government authorities and producer associations. It is a milestone in the development of GLOBALG.A.P. in China, thanks to the relevance and local knowledge of CAA members in their respective provinces. We are going to work together to deliver excellent products to the Chinese consumers.”