Wildeklawer, one of South Africa’s leading fresh produce producers, has recently announced their continued compliance with GLOBALG.A.P. standards.

Wildeklawer is known for combining best-of-breed technology and farming techniques that result in world-class processes and efficiencies. Wildeklawer also actively supports and maintains sustainable farming for the future. Produce rotation, across different fields, reflects the history of what was grown decades ago. By mapping nutrients by decade, they are able to ensure that all their fruit and produce is packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Adherence to GLOBALG.A.P. Standards gives Wildeklawer the opportunity to benchmark against the best in the world and ensures that standards of freshness, quality, care and goodness remain relevant and world class.

Customers and consumers deserve safe food and Wildeklawer’s compliance to GLOBALG.A.P. Standards delivers this assurance in local and international markets.