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Nov 2021   GFSI Recognition for IFA V5.4-GFS - Making an Impact in China - Innovation Prize Winner
Oct 2021   Return to trade fairs - localg.a.p. in South Africa - Rural Women's Day
Sept 2021   Sonae First to Launch New GGN Label - Anuga 2021 - Certificate Data on Third Party Platforms
Aug 2021   IDA in the FSI Environmental Basket - Thinking about Water with SPRING - Norcod Secures IFA Certification
July 2021   New IFA Version Nears the Finish Line – Power to the Plants – Doors Open for Smallholders
June 2021   World Food Safety Day - Advisory Board Elections Results -  Annual Report 2020
May 2021   GFSI Gains Recognition for PHA - Advisory Board Elections 2021 - Smart Farm Assurance Solutions
April II 2021   New GGN Label - Walmart US Pollinator Commitments - New Member Protec - GLOBALG.A.P. Document Center Freshens Up
April I 2021   Our Consumer Label Unveiling Event – Women in Leadership – Make Your Career Go Places
March 2021   Add-on for Albert Heijn and Delhaize - EU Animal Welfare Project
Feb 2021   Professional Bunch at the GLOBALG.A.P. Floriculture Event - Joint Social Sustainabilty with amfori
Jan 2021   Remote Procedure Protects Producers and Auditors - Free Webinars - New Version 6 Topics Open for Public Consultation
Nov 2020   New Country Partner Romania - Apples Go for Gold - Syngenta Blooms - Christmas Trees
Oct 2020   Audit Online Hub Mandatory from November - Eroski Promotes GGN Labeled Fish - Welcome to Princes
Sep 2020   G.A.P. Awards 2022 Applications Now Open – New Floriculture Add-on – IFA Standard Translated into Swahili
Aug 2020   User-Friendly App Available Now – Kaufland Embraces Indoor Herb-Growing Initiative
July 2020   Annual Report 2019 - GLOBALG.A.P. Remote: A Report from the Fields - World Consultation Tour: Many New Online Meetings
June 2020   Indoor Herb Gardens for Smart Customers - Integrity Report 2019 - First Remote Certificates
May 2020   Have Your Say on IFA Version 6 - Audit Online - Effect of Coronavirus on Producers
April 2020   Tesco Joins TR4 Call to Action - Oxin Growers - More Visibility for Aquaculture
March 2020   Greek Farmers Go Sustainable - From localg.a.p. to GLOBALG.A.P.  - Going Nuts for Nuts
Feb 2020   World Consultation Tour - Innovative Production Systems – Japan's Largest Cherry Tomato Greenhouse
Jan 2020   Sustainable Farming - Upgrade of Flower Standard - New Database Connections
Nov 2019   Terra Viva Brazil - Primary Farm Assurance Standard - SPRING Trainings
Oct 2019   Welcome Kaufland - Tesco Joins TR4 Action - New NTWG Ukraine - SRP
Sep 2019   ABRAS - Big Fish GGN - TOUR Stop Ecudor - Rice
Aug 2019   Bananas in Danger - Systems & Rules Technical Committee - Thailand FDA
July 2019   New Board Elected - GGN Livestock Label in Spain - Launch of PSA Standard - Water Stewardship
June 2019   Danish Retailer Salling Group - Country Partner Latvia - Hemp Production
May 2019   GGN Trends - SIZA - GGN Seabed Cleaning - GLOBALG.A.P. Explain Videos
April 2019   Aldi - HelloFresh - Cencosud - 200,000th GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Producer
March 2019   Baltic Retailer's Certification Targets - New and Improved Workshop Materials - GLOBALG.A.P. and Indian Market
Feb 2019   What's New About IFA Version 5.2? - Our Global Net of 16 New KAMs - SPRING
Jan 2019   GLOBALG.A.P. at Fruit Logistica - GGN Floriculture - Antimicrobial Resistance
Nov 2018   SUMMIT 2018 - Action against TR4 - GAP Awards Winner
Oct 2018   AEON First Asian Retailer to Label GGN on Produce - New Standard for Produce Handling - Getting Ready for the SUMMIT
Sep 2018   Twelve Retailers from China join GLOBALG.A.P. - EROSKI Aquaculture - First Producer FSMA PSR Add-on
Aug 2018   Shwapno at SUMMIT - Fish Welfare - MPS-GAP Re-Benchmarked - Jackfruit
July 2018   EROSKI Awarded GGN Consumer Label - FSMA Recognition Support - IKB Nederland Varkens Re-Benchmarked - Integrity Report 2018
May 2018   Lidl Introduces GGN Label F&O - GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Standard - GLOBALG.A.P. as Educational Tool in Japan
Apr 2018   NON-GM Seafood Choice - GSSI Recognition - Annual Report 2017 - Central Asia TOUR Stop - TecnoBioPlant
Mar 2018   GRASP in Poland - New Representative Thailand - Nestrom - Bangladeshi Tour to Germany - Farm Assurer Interview ADFASC
Feb 2018   Unlocking New Markets (Fruit Logisitica Press Conference) - New Produce Handling Assurance Standard - FSMA - Aquaculture Fact Sheet
Jan 2018   ALDI Trading Sustainable Flowers - Country Partner Colombia - Chinese Farm Assurer - Shihoro High School - IKB - TOUR Stop Egypt
Nov 2017   First GRASP in the US - Axzon - Goshogawara Rice - Florverde Re-benchmarked - Kenya Flower Council Re-benchmarked - Shanghai Uni
Oct 2017   Tokyo 2020 - New Solution On-Farm Sustainability - Trichodex - Seafood Traceability - SRS - FA Training Vietnam - Fresh Summit
Sep 2017   SAI Platform - GODAN - Sharing Global Data - Animal Welfare - TR 4
Aug 2017   New Zealand GAP - Ethiopian Horticulture - TOUR Nigeria - TOUR Australia - IFA V5.1 in Spanish & German - Assomela
July 2017   GLOBALG.A.P. Integrity Report 2016 - GLOBALG.A.P. Board 2017-21 Elected - New IFA Sub-Scope Hop
June 2017   New GLOBALG.A.P. Consumer Label - Ailimpo - Tour Japan - Tour Bangladesh
May 2017   Globus - Musgrave Ireland - UNEG.A.P.
Apr 2017   Kaufland - Aldi Süd - SEG Brussels - TR4
Mar 2017
Feb 2017
  Crops for Processing, Sustainable Rice Platform, Hops, GSSI, Salmon-Safe, Fossa Eugenia, TOUR Stop Romania
GRASP Growers Doubled, Tmall Fresh(Alibaba), SCS, INFARM, BOPP + ChileGAP Re-benchmarked
Jan 2017   Innovación Agrícola, Bel Ga, GLOBALG.A.P. Integrity Program, Re-benchmarked Schemes
Nov 2016          Technical Committees Member Changes, Shwapno Bangladesh, Farm Assurers Training Korea
Oct 2016   Shwapno Bangladesh, Scottish Salmon with GGN, SwissG.A.P. Re-benchmarked, Ginger Brazil, First Aqua V 5 Certificates
Sep 2016   GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2016 Highlights - Connecting to the Future of Certification
Aug 2016   HARPS Australia, ANECOOP Re-benchmarked, COEXPHAL Spain
July 2016   Koester, Best Practices for Nurseries, Boutique Citrus, Goshogawara High School
June 2016   Anecoop, NORDSEE, Fair Produce , State of Sustainability Initiatives, CaucaHass
May 2016   GGN.ORG, Lidl Portugal, VietGAP, ATISA
April 2016   Cool Fresh Group, Minh Phu, UNEGAP, AMAGAP
Mar 2016   EDEKA, Bumbene, ARIAKEFARM, G.A.P. Awards 2016
Feb 2016   Musgrave Ireland, Open Blue Cobia, SAN/Rainforest Alliance, MPS
Jan 2016   Walmart Brazil, Spinneys, AIPH, Golden Wing Mau, Senar Brazil
Nov 2015   REWE Group Germany; Friend of the Sea Salmon, Seabream and Seabass; MPS; GLOBALG.A.P. Christmas Trees
Oct 2015   Whole Foods Market new Member, Crops for Processing Standard, GRASP Revision, Kilic Holding Turkey
Sep 2015    Tesco, Fyffes, Livestock V5, Grupo Culmarex, Platanera Rio Sixaola
Aug 2015   Spinneys Middle East, McCain Europe, Open Blue France, Andretta Germany, MAFRA South Korea
July 2015   ChinaGAP, Ecuador TOUR Stop, HPSS on Backyard Farms US, Sea Garden Chile, Amplus Poland
June 2015   TOUR 2015 Almeria and Chicago, Graceland Hydroponics South Africa, Nufarm Australia, IKB Nederlands Varkens
May 2015   Surpassing 150,000 Producer Mark, Chicago 11 June Event, toom Baumarkt (REWE Group) Flower Germany, Cromaris Aquaculture Croatia, Aller Aqua Fish Feed Denmark
April 2015   Pick n Pay South Africa, Pilot with ASC, Uzbekistan Training, Ferma Stoian Romania
Mar 2015   Final consultation V5 ends 5 April, Freshmark RSA on localg.a.p., 10+ year memberships, Jamaica, NAQUA Saudi Arabia, GFIA Abu Dhabi
Feb 2015   Billa Bulgaria, Bonita Ecuador, Agri Academy RSA, Columbia Training, BOPP and EHPEA Benchmarked
Jan 2015   Univeg, Open Blue, INTACT, Aqua Fisheries in Myanmar