6 Steps to establish a localg.a.p. Program

  1. A localg.a.p. program must be initiated by a localg.a.p. program owner. All localg.a.p. program owners are required to become members.
  2. Once the program is initiated, the localg.a.p. program owner must review the current localg.a.p. control points documents and decide if any changes to the localg.a.p. control points will be required.
  3. The localg.a.p. program owner must decide on the levels to be introduced in the program. localg.a.p. is currently available in two levels: The Foundation Level and the Intermediate Level.
  4. Develop and define the program rules using the customization checklist. Generic rules are available and have to be adapted to the localg.a.p. program owner's requirements for food safety and hygiene.
  5. The localg.a.p. program owner must specify who will conduct the localg.a.p. inspections. These can be conducted by a GLOBALG.A.P. approved certification body or a licensed Farm Assurer (FA) or both.
  6. The localg.a.p. program owners then pass on the program documents to the local producers and growers for implementation.