Here's why localg.a.p. is the perfect solution for you!

Benefits for Retailers / Buyers

  • Source local and regional products that meet the minimum requirements for food safety and hygiene.
  • Ensure your sourcing by developing a network of reliable producers.
  • Benefit from GLOBALG.A.P.’s traceability system.
  • All localg.a.p. producers are identified in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database with a unique 13-digit localg.a.p. number (LGN), which allows you to monitor your producers.
  • Access our GLOBALG.A.P. Database to review the localg.a.p. assessment checklists of your producers.
  • Profit from GLOBALG.A.P. training for your quality management team.
  • Work with your growers on a stepwise improvement plan for food safety and sustainability to improve the quality of your food supply.
  • Customize localg.a.p. to respond to new and changing market requirements and consumer demands.
  • Benefit from GLOBALG.A.P.’s unique world-class system including the Integrity Program, which assures certification reliability and high auditing performance.