localg.a.p. - The Stepping Stone to Safe and Sustainable Agriculture

Consumers worldwide are increasingly demanding quality foods, produced safely and sustainably. Retailers around the world are rising to meet the challenge by demanding certification from their producers. It is a tricky situation for both parties; sourcing from emerging producers who may not be able to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. Certification and the challenges of accessing local and regional markets by producers without certification for their products.

OUR SOLUTION? localg.a.p. This innovative product is the stepping stone toward certification; cost-effective solution for emerging markets. It helps producers gain gradual recognition by providing an entry level to GLOBALG.A.P. Certification. 

And it helps retailers gain access to quality foods, support their local and regional producers, and promote Good Agricultural Practice.

The localg.a.p. program is a tool that offers GLOBALG.A.P. retail and food service members the opportunity to initiate a food safety program in order to prepare their suppliers for GLOBALG.A.P. Certification.

There are two possible solutions for a localg.a.p. program:



The localg.a.p. video is also available in Spanish, Chinese, Afrikaans and several other languages in our media gallery!
If you have localg.a.p. questions or are interested in receiving the mp4 files of the videos, please send an e-mail to localgap@globalgap.org by specifying the languages you are interested in.