Steps to localg.a.p. for Producers

  1. Check if one of your customers is a program owner by viewing the current list of localg.a.p. programs.
  2. Download the localg.a.p. documents and learn about the requirements for conformance.
  3. Contact a localg.a.p. approved certification body and/or Farm Assurer in your country, compare their offers and then ask for a registration application.
  4. Get your localg.a.p. Number (LGN) that identifies you in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database.
  5. Carry out a self-assessment using the localg.a.p. checklist and correct all the points you don’t comply with. You can also contact a Farm Assurer to assist you.
  6. Arrange an appointment with your certification body and/or farm assurer for your first on-site inspection.
  7. Once you successfully comply with the localg.a.p. requirements, you will receive a localg.a.p. letter of conformance.