localg.a.p. - The Stepping Stone to Safe and Sustainable Agriculture localg.a.p. - The Stepping Stone to Safe and Sustainable Agriculture


This solution is chosen when a particular market (retailer, buyer, trader, distributor, consultancy, etc.) decides that the Ready-to-Use Solution is NOT the best fit for their region/crop(s)/needs.

The Fully Customized localg.a.p. program shall always have a localg.a.p. program owner.

The Steps to set up a localg.a.p. Fully Customized Solution

Step 1: Become a GLOBALG.A.P. member (if this is not already the case)

Step 2: Complete the localg.a.p. questionnaire at the initial kick-off meeting

Step 3: Become a localg.a.p. program owner by signing the GLOBALG.A.P. agreements

Step 4: Customization of localg.a.p. Control Points and Compliance Criteria (CPCC) documents e.g. Add-on

Step 5: Develop and define the specific program rules using the localg.a.p. customization checklist.

Step 6: Database set-up (approximate time 6-8 weeks)

Step 7: localg.a.p. program uploaded onto the GLOBALG.A.P. website (please see below)


Click here to view the localg.a.p. video in English or other languages!  

If you want to receive mp4 files of the videos, send an e-mail to localgap@globalgap.org.

The producer shall click on the active program to find the specific documents he needs.


List of available localg.a.p. Fully Customized programs:

Name Company Scope Country
localg.a.p. South Africa - Fruit and Vegetables V3 SPAR South Africa, Massmart/Walmart, Shoprite Holdings (Freshmark); Pick ‘n Pay Fruit and Vegetables South Africa
SPAR localg.a.p. - Fruit and Vegetables V3 SPAR Fruit and Vegetables Mozambique and Botswana
localg.a.p. Bangladesh - Fruit and Vegetables V1.0 ACI Logistics Limited (Shwapno) Fruit and Vegetables Bangladesh
localg.a.p. Reitzel-India - Fruit and Vegetables V1.0 Reitzel India Private Limited Fruit and Vegetables India
localg.a.p. Guatemala - Fruit and Vegetables Agrequima Fruit and Vegetables Guatemala
localg.a.p. Tucumán Caña de Azucar sin uso del Fuego EEAOC (Estación Experimental Agroindustrial Obispo Colombres) Combinable Crops (Sugarcane) Argentina