Tagum - Continued Improvement Through Ongoing Education and Training

The success of the Tagum Agricultural Development Company (TADECO) rests with the values of its people – the TADECO Bananeros. These values were exemplified by the founder of the company, the late Don Antonio O. Floirendo Sr. It is thus that the people are the principal resource and core drivers of the organization. TADECO therefore provides opportunity for advancement that is embodied in its Agriculture Foreman Trainees’ Training, a program that runs for months to train a potential pool of talents in good agricultural practices.

True to its drive for continued improvement, TADECO unceasingly explores ways of improving banana cultivation practices. One of today’s innovations is so-called Peeping Bud Bagging or PBB, which TADECO has adopted and perfected. This manual operation is employed to protect emerging buds against banana flower thrips by suffocation without resorting to plant protection products.

Further novelties include the Agri-Information System (AIS) and the Geographical Information System (GIS) which were both developed internally. This is where realities in the field are monitored and captured daily through recording of agronomic data, encoded into data servers and converted into valuable information in terms of thematic maps, graphs and charts to visually reflect what is happening in the production area. Data from planting and replanting up to packing and loading of boxed bananas into trucks are collected to improve future decision-making processes.

In order to sustain the skills and talents of the TADECO Bananeros and in accordance with the principles and requirements of GLOBALG.A.P., TADECO trains employees annually with regard to standard operating procedures, workers’ health, safety, welfare and hygiene. TADECO also empowers the non-working spouses and dependents of its employees and provides opportunity to earn extra income through the TADECO Livelihood and Training Center, a renowned exporter of artistic native products made of TADECO banana by-products and other indigenous materials.

TADECO molds responsible and productive individuals to help in the realization of its vision and prepares and trains the members of its workforce for purposes of career development and succession. Furthermore, it has entered into fruitful partnerships with the leading learning institutions in the country. These unfaltering efforts to drive the potential of its workforce have enabled TADECO to fulfil the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of “expanding the number of scholarships available for enrolment in higher education, including vocational training and information and communications technology, technical, engineering and scientific programs,” as well as “ensuring that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.”