Over the last year, GLOBALG.A.P. has been coordinating the revision of its flagship Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard as well as other GLOBALG.A.P. rules, standards, and add-ons.

Two public consultation periods have already taken place to review drafts of the new standards. As part of these consultation periods, we hosted a total of 120 World Consultation Tour webinars, which collected feedback from 695 participants. We have received a total of 2,572 comments so far.

Technical committees (whose members are elected on behalf of our stakeholders) have evaluated the input received, and new drafts have been published.

Where are we now?

The coming updates will result not just in a new version of the IFA standard (version 6) but in more streamlined, digitalized solutions for the entire sector. GLOBALG.A.P. farm assurance solutions are entering the smart era!

What do our smart farm assurance solutions include?


Smarter standards and add-ons

  • New and improved Integrated Farm Assurance standard version 6 
  • Smarter, risk-based checklists with integrated add-ons
  • Movement toward an outcome-oriented approach and impact-driven standards
  • More benchmarking options

Smarter systems and services

  • Easier audit reporting for certification bodies with Audit Online Hub
  • Uniform certificate templates across the industry available in real time with the Validation Service
  • Improvements to integrity of GLOBALG.A.P. certificates
  • Gradual movement toward personalized checklists with integrated add-ons

Smarter approach to sustainability 

  • Mandatory continuous improvement plans on producer level
  • Impact-Driven Approach to Sustainability made available to other scopes
  • New and updated sustainability criteria on topics such as plastics, waste, carbon neutrality, deforestation, and animal welfare
  • Dedicated biodiversity add-on

Smarter integration of data

  • New option for producers to demonstrate compliance using data
  • Producers control what they share
  • Possibility to reduce audit time using data sharing
  • More transparency in audit reports for buyers

What happens next?

IFA version 6 is heading into the field trials phase, and a third public consultation is now open for new documents, including GRASP
(version 2).

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