As part of efforts to increase sustainability within good agricultural practices, GLOBALG.A.P. is to introduce an Impact-Driven Approach to sustainability in our standards. This consists of collecting data from growers on input consumption, processing the data, and transforming it into information which has a variety of uses. 

Why collect data?

Collecting input consumption data from growers and transforming it into information is intended to:

a.    Support producers in making their production systems more sustainable through improved decision-making, so that the whole supply chain benefits.
b.    Help GLOBALG.A.P. gain knowledge of producer realities, which in turn can
      i.  improve GLOBALG.A.P. standards and any other interventions within the supply chain,         
      ii. help make the standard leaner and simplify the assurance.
c.     Monitor and evaluate the impact of standards on sustainable farming through the reflection of input indicators on performance.
d.    Give the buyer a stronger sense of trust in a certification system that is outcome-based.

Currently, data on input consumption is not readily available and is rarely collected. With more than 200,000 growers under GLOBALG.A.P. certification in over 135 countries, GLOBALG.A.P. is well placed to encourage the collection of such data and create a strong flow of information. With years of data, numbers start to be useful for interpreting performance, both for individual growers and for the sector.

Your Farm Management System software provider can play a role in the future of sustainability
Reaching these producers digitally via modern IT solutions for agriculture, such as Farm Management Systems (FMS), has a huge potential impact on agricultural supply chains worldwide. The aim is to include all producers in the GLOBALG.A.P. network in the Impact-Driven Approach, with Farm Management Systems acting as the interface between growers and GLOBALG.A.P. At present however, it is observed that there is only a limited number of producers using a Farm Management System.

GLOBALG.A.P. is looking for Farm Management System software providers who are interested in
a.    Working together with GLOBALG.A.P. in supporting its mission and purpose
b.    Benefitting from the network of producers and buyers that GLOBALG.A.P. offers

If you are a software provider and interested in becoming a partner for GLOBALG.A.P.’s Impact-Driven Approach, please contact  Otso Tolonen to determine the details.