Horticulture New Zealand Inc.
New Zealand GAP - GLOBALG.A.P. equivalent
Standard FV (Option 3&4)
Scope Benchmarking scope GLOBALG.A.P. standard
Owner Horticulture New Zealand Inc.
Category Benchmarked Scheme
Version GLOBALG.A.P. IFA V5.2 New Zealand GAP V6.2 October 2019

Damien Farrelly

Website http://www.newzealandgap.co.nz
Country New Zealand

New Zealand GAP provides a number of certification options for New Zealand producers to meet the requirements of customers around the world.  All New Zealand GAP certificates, including the New Zealand GAP GLOBALG.A.P. equivalent certificates, use the same (green triangle) logo. When receiving a New Zealand GAP certificate you can find out as follows if the producer is certified against the New Zealand GAP GLOBALG.A.P. equivalent programme: These certificates include the 13-digit GLOBALG.A.P. Number and make reference to GLOBALG.A.P. Benchmarking.  Other New Zealand GAP certificates include a 4 digit New Zealand GAP Number. 


Download here:

NZGAP GG Equivalent Checklist V6.1

NZGAP Scheme Rules V 2.1 Nov 2017