The Certification Body Training have moved and can now be found in the CB Academy .You can easily get there via the CB-AT.

In the CB Academy, you will find all currently available trainings in the  course catalogue on the right hand side. 

This new registration process also includes payment for the training, so please have a (company) credit card ready when booking a training.
Thank you very much!

All information will be shared in the CB Academy and not by email anymore. As you will buy the course directly, there will be no registration-confirmation.

Of course, we will check that all the necessary requirements are met in order to participate in the chosen training. Should this not be the case, we reserve the right to refuse participation and will of course refund the amount paid.

If you need any help or have questions please do not hesitate to contact 

Please read through the training content carefully and with enough time in advance before the training starts. 
Self-preparation is a key element of V6 trainings!

Your login credentials to the CB Academy have been already shared with you. 

We wish you a lot of fun with the new learning environment and much success!
Your CB Training Organisation Team