In 2014 GLOBALG.A.P. introduced the G.A.P. in Action Project, a two-step approach to promote Good Agricultural Practices specifically in Peru, Brazil and Argentina. The project was initiated on a United Way Worldwide grant issued on generous behalf of the Citi Foundation and in cooperation with the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and Arcos Dorados (a franchisee of McDonald's in Latin America).

The G.A.P. in Action Project’s two-step approach consists in a first step of training a specific group of local agricultural consultants to become GLOBALG.A.P. Licensed Farm Assurers. As a second step, these newly qualified Farm Assurers transfer their knowledge to a broad group of producers and smallholders through a diverse range of training and event activities. The goal is to set up and grow a large base of suppliers that can consistently deliver safe food to retailers and the food service sector.